Important Lunch Program Information for Parents/Guardians of Students at Morris Elementary School District 54

District 54 Food Service Program is a computerized debit lunch program that is similar to a debit account. You will have family account in which all students in your family will be linked together in one account. Please fil in and return the bottom portion of this form with all children's full names.

You will send money to the school to be deposited in your account. Deposits must be turned into the school before 9:00 a.m. to be counted for that day. All money must be in an envelope with the child's name and teacher name to be credited to the correct account. We do not accept money in the cafeteria during lunch hours. When your child purchases lunches/milk etc., these purchases will then be charged to your family account.

Your first deposit must be made prior to the beginning of school so that your child/children will be able to choose to eat a hot lunch or purchase milk. Lunch comes with one milk and is @2.75. Extra milk is $.35.

Free and Reduced Lunch Information

Families who are planning to apply for Free or Reduced Lunches can fill out application included in registration packet or click on the link below for the application to print it out. Print out applications must be sent back to school office to be reviewed for approval.

Families who qualify for reduced meals will have to make deposits into their accounts to cover the cost of reduced meals (40 cents per day). Families who qualify for free meals will only need to make deposits into their account for extras expenses (cookie, extra milk, soup, etc.)

In working towards a Greener School, here at District 54, we email an account statement to you on every Friday. If you do not currently receive this statement or have changed your email address, please email .